Comic for December 13, 2010: Pretty Woman

Can you believe it's already been 25 comics? That's um... wait. Hold on. (25 comics / 3 comics/week = 8.33333333 weeks * 7 days/week...) 58 days! Don't you just love how Chemistry taught you how to convert! Anyways, that's why I drew this very sophisticated middle panel! (Actually, looking back on it, I'm not too impressed with it - I just wanted a very "SERIOUS" panel.)

I'm not giving excuses, because I'm really sorry that I haven't re-made Cold yet. And yes, I'm still planning on re-vamping the site. Here's a little sketch I did of what I want it to look like. I really didn't have a lot of time this weekend. But I will be spending time on it! It should be done by Christmas if Brandon actually works on it.

For a random thought, I wish I had a scarf.