Comic for December 24, 2010: Christmas Gifts

I've always wanted this to happen, because it would be absolutely hilarious, because sometimes people do think of Christmas as just a gift exchange.

Anyways, hi guys! Merry Christmas! Your Christmas present? A comic. And another one that I've been putting off doing. I hope you enjoy the both of them.

Anyways, Brandon hasn't updated the site. It's his project for Christmas! I hope he gets a chance to so he can spend time with his family. It's that time of season for him too! He should get a day off, but this update has been weeks in needing. If he updates everything just this once, I can update the site myself without the entire source code erasing and baleeting itself.

I should be wrapping gifts, but I'm putting it off to give this site an update. I hope I can wrap them in time. Maybe I'll just get some bags and throw everything inside. I really can't do it with some of the gifts though. I've really gone all out this year for members of my direct family, and others who have given me tons of money towards my college education, which I'm very grateful for. (I just hope this Christmas isn't a net loss for me, I really do need all the money I can spare.)

Again, not to sell myself out, I would really like refferals and donations for Christmas presents this year. If you want to donate to Brandon, he has his paypal on his site.

Anyways, I hope all of you have a happy holidays. The comic WILL be updating next week, and every week after that! So just because you have a vacation doesn't mean I will.