Comic for January 5, 2011: Passwords

How many times has this happened to you? You have an account that you don't think you'll use, so you ignore all password retrieval data, and then you end up really using it, and then you can't retrieve your password!

Hopefully I become an actual known comic artist person man! Unfortunately, I don't know if I have a stable enough base. I know I'm not the funniest guy in the world, but I hope some people like my material. Either way, I do this for fun. It doesn't matter if I get one view or one thousand, I still enjoy doing this.

Speaking of this project, I haven't checked the website stats since the middle of December. Let's check them now! October, 570 hits. November, 1220 hits. December, 970 hits. Four days into January, 90 hits. Well, that's quite a bit. It's certainly more than I expected, but I like this statistic better: Average number of hits per day in 2010: 10. Average number of hits per day in the first four days of 2011: 22. That's a huge increase.

Anyways, I hope that when I get some advertising space, all stats will increase, but I'm not doing that until the website is the way I want it. When everything is up, by the way, these blog posts will switch from "omg the site is up" to "omg here is what i did today".

I certainly hope you all enjoy today's comic. I will see you this Friday.