Comic for February 9, 2011: Angry Turtles

Happy 50th comic! I can't believe I've been doing this for almost half a year. I also don't know how I've kept my sanity.

Another thing, on a more aggrivating note, I realized that the past 10 comics do not have my little copyright tag at the bottom. Which means, by the time this post publishes, I'll have had spent 10 minutes editing all the comics and reposting them so I have a little (c) notice thing at the bottom.

But, I can't say much. I'm really busy. I'll let you all have fun with this post. If you want to have the full image, without my crazy comic layout, I'll post it on my Tumblr.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading thus far! Remember, I want all of this to be seen by everyone! Show this stuff to your friends and I'll see you on Friday for comic #51!